OK, now if you have never seen BB SKATES before, you could be wondering what these amazing skates are all about... or maybe you have seen someone roll past you with these flashing wheels and then all of a sudden they stop and the person starts to walk like normal, walking along for a while and suddenly start rolling again with ease! These are BB Skates!

BB SKATES are a new and revolutionary two wheeled flashing roller skate that attaches to the heel of your skate or sport type shoe. They are a great alternative to the heel wheeled shoe products that have become very popular on the market today, which we think are great but we believe our BB SKATES are much better. You can fit them to your favorite shoes and as your feet grow or you change shoe preference, you can simply adjust them to suit the new shoe.

No longer are you limited to the pair of the shoes with the wheels in them! BB SKATES can be adjusted to fit almost any sized sport, skate or trainer type shoe. To Skate, you simply lift up the soles of your feet. To Stop, just put your feet down. After a little practice you will be skating with ease.

Some of the outstanding features of BB SKATES are:

  • Adults can ride them too.
  • Much better than the 'Wheel in Shoe' style.
  • Easier than inline or roller skates to learn, very simple to go from walk to roll.
  • Multi User with only ONE pair of BB SKATES
  • Size can be adjusted to ANY type of sport or skate shoe
  • Smaller and Lighter Anytime and Anywhere, take them with you everywhere because of the small size and light weight!
  • Comes with a compact storage bag!
  • Safer and less stress on the knee This is due to the stability of two wheels at the heel and your ability to walk easily with the BB SKATES attached to your shoe!
  • FAST (Don't use Downhills) For safety, Always wear a standards approved helmet and the appropriate protective gear, such as knee pads, elbow pads and suitable clothing!
  • Easy Attachment Simply adjust size for your shoe and strap on with your amazing BB SKATES and your ready to roll!
  • Quality Heavy Duty Wheels and Bearings High grade urethane wheels, fast ABEC5 bearings.

BB SKATES are a relatively new concept, but the demand is taking off fast. Make sure you get in on the fun, get a set of BB SKATES today! Fun for the entire family.